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Why, hello there! My name is Eleni and I like to write stories and I love to draw. Im a HUGE fan of Buffy the Vampire slayer since i was young!!! ;) I am also a huge fan of Coraline, even though it was released in 2009! ;) IT'S ALL ABOUT JESSE MCARTNEY!! :D
NOTE: My profile picture may look weird, but it was world book day and we had to dress up. ;)
**If you guys want me to read any of your stories, feel free to message me and I will read and comment on your story.** :D
Things you might want to know about me:
1) I play the violin
2) I love to read and write stories
3) I'm 15
4) I'm Greek.
5) I love music
6) I love reading Nicholas Sparks
7) I'm weird... Occasionally
8) I love using big words to sound smart. I mean utilizing gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence. ;)
9) I wish I was a mermaid. They're just SO cool.
10) I have twitter. Follow me? >>> https://twitter.com/#!/EleniKapris @EleniKapris
11) I love Simple Plan! Anyone out there who like them? :D
**Just so everybody knows, I won't be uploading during the summer holidays, as I will be on holiday for a month and won't have time to upload. I'm sorry. But other holidays than the summer, I upload regularly.**

Shows I like:
-Pretty Little Liars
-Buffy The Vampire Slayer
-The Secret Circle
- Angel

Books I like:
-The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks
-The last song " "
- Dear John " "
-The Hunger games
- Pretty Little Liars

I am also a member on wattpad. (Eleni10)
Oh, and I write all my stories, so they're mine and I would hate to see my work someplace else. So, if you do be sure to tell me ASAP!

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    I LOVED IT!!! I think i'm going to poo myself (scared of horrors) But, I'll take the chance. :D
    Great job! :D
    The Demon with my Brother's Face
    The Demon with my...
    Simon sometimes wonders what his sixth brother would have looked like. His teacher said he should draw a picture. So he did.
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