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I'm obsessed with american horror story and supernatural and marvel and dc and Constantine the show (which is also dc) and i write a lot of imagines and shiiite

follow meh!!!!!!111111

  • Tatemysexygimp
    This is really good i was hanging on every word it was awsomexoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
    Those Who Kill for Love (Short Story)
    Those Who Kill for...
    Rage, fury, fire all burned inside of me. Xander had taken away from me the one thing that had ever meant something to me, even before I was turned. Theo was dead because of him, now he must die.
    Ashlee Renee
    4 years ago
    Thank you so much!!!!
    It really means so much to get comments like these!! :)
    4 years ago
    aww thatnks its true thoe xxx u seem really talented ill be reading other stories by you aswellxoxoxo
    Ashlee Renee
    4 years ago
    Thank you so so much!!!!
    I know I said it before but this honestly means to much to me :)
  • Tatemysexygimp
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    its really good
    just one point, the children dont really talk like seven and nine year olds
    other than that its great.
    it might help the story if you made them just a little olderxxx
    Don't Fear the Reaper
    Don't Fear the Rea...
    What would you do if you met death? What would you say? Would you be scared? What would you do if you fell in love?
    Ace Ambrose
    4 years ago
    I thought that too, I was thinking of changing to 13 and 15 xxx
  • Tatemysexygimp
    really good is like fifty shads of gray (you must read it) mixed with some sort of cool high school story yay please add more.
    I Was Innocent Not Until My Teacher Taught Me This...
    I Was Innocent Not...
    Brenda Stefan, normal girl who lives in Brooke Village and studies in Brooke High. She was once an innocent girl when she met this handsome, hot, sexy, and delicious teacher. Mr Terrance Gerand. But...
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