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the 1975 and arctic monkeys and lana del rey
and then for some reason i love drake don't judge

comment on my movellas& i'll check out yours

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    this writing is beautiful x
    Letters To You, From Me
    Letters To You,...
    She poured out her heart in the form of the letter, sealed it in an envelope and prayed it would get better. She stayed at home and wrote all day then waited until the day she sent those letters away.
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    Please check out 'this is it', I actually did it for my end of year English Coursework exam but might carry it on (if someone reads) x
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    Literally forgot my password for a year and only just realised that I could reset it. Thanks for not un fanning me I will try stay active;) love you all&missed you x
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    I know its short now but I already love it!! Can't wait to see where this story goes :')
    one thing is that on the 6th line 'round here' is repeated, idk if this was for effect but for some reason I noticed it xD (I don't usually notice things like that)
    But anyway, this is great so far xxx please carry on! xxx
    Natural Causes
    Natural Causes
    There is only one family that runs the estate. The Dexters. They control what happens. Who sells what. They control the toms and their pimps. There is no escape. Once you're on the estate that's it. You're...
    1 years ago
    Thank you and I'm glad you liked it :D
    The 'round here' bit was definitely not supposed to be there! Thanks for telling me because I wouldn't have noticed :)
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