smile, because it's the closest thing we have to magic :')

I guess I could say I'm kind of a directioner and a belieber, but i'm not completely obsessed :P
Ed Sheeran is the one for me :') ginga ninja

The big bang theory is amazeballs, and I watch a lot of other craaaaappy tv (Jeremy kyle show, come dine with me, don't tell the bride etc.)

I love English at school and always have :') sports (gymnastics, dance, athletics) art, drama, and music are the main others

Caspar Lee is my husband.
(as is Ed Sheeran and Josh Hutcherson)

Please leave comments, like and fave my movellas and become a fan! ❀

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  • ECSB♥❀♡

    80 FANS

    I haven't been on movellas in a while and last thing I remember was having about 70 fans and now there have been 10 more amazing people to officially become my ¢σσκἶε-∂συცɥ-мἶℓκѕɥακεѕ :')
    What a nice surprise :D and thank you all SO SO SO much!! It really means a lot to me xox
    Well done XD
    John Venheart
    same 2u but not at oll?
  • ECSB♥❀♡

    How's life? x

    Soo how are you my cookie-dough-milkshakes?? How's life? Mines okay. Home's okay. School's okkkaaaayyy, apart from that my school was one of the only ones in the country to actually keep going today when there's 4 inches of snow. Only half of the people actually were able to come, but I walk to school and mum made me go >O< (lol that smiley facey thingy looks kinda demented...)

    Anyways...In case you hadn't noticed I changed my pic to me in the car last summer. lol I swear my hair was literally blonde. Like blonde. Lollabeans....

    Bumdiddleybumdiddleybumbumbumbumbumoohooohblablablablablasummeerrrblablablablabladiddleydiddleydumohhbumdeedumoohbumdiddleybumdiddelybumbumbillybillybum. Sorry. But have any of you heard that tune thingy on the tv? It's an advert for car insurance or something. Maybe it would have been more approprate to put 'bom' in stead of 'bum'. But hey. I can be inappropriate if I want to. & so can youuuu! So chase your dreams, do what you want and don't care what others think of you.

    Well that was random :')

    Is it sad that I found this mildly entertaining literally writing this thing in this text box thing. Naaah.
    But it will be sad if no-one comments!! So comment!! Or I will feel all alone.. :'(


    Love ya my cookiedoughmilkshakes. Have a great life :) xox
    *(my brother did)
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    hahaha, I just said that and now I have a headache xD lol

    but...but....i'm commenting! Does that maybe make you feel better? :)
    Hmm..sort of....I have calmed down now - thank goodness!1 But sorry if any of u guyz were offended...ppl get crazy from time to time y'know ;))
    ♥Viola Styles♥
    Life is Great So Far! I think..umm...yeah lol. Read Some of Yours And Love2Write Stories. They Are Really Exceptional! Would You Please Mind Reading My Finished Book: 'I Need You...Do I?'. It's Okai If You Don't It's A One Direction/Harry Styles/ Niall Horan Fan-Fiction, Just To Let You Know! By The Way, I Saw Your Profile Picture, You Are Extremely Pretty! So Is Your Friend Love2Write!
    Take Care,
    Many Thanks :)xD
    ~Viola Styles xxx:p
  • ECSB♥❀♡


    Heyheyhey :')

    Firstly I would like to thank everyone for fanning me so I could get 72 fans!! (everyone who fans me are my ¢σσκἶε-∂συცɥ-мἶℓκѕɥακεѕ) :D so thank you all so much!

    & does anyone else get REALLY DEPRESSED at the weekends when you're awayfrom your friends at school? I feel like my life has no purpose when I'm not with my friends (ok slight exaggeration but that's what I feel like sometimes I just have to wait 'til school again) :(

    And alllsossooooo... I was thinking of writing a new story (maybe sequel to fault and blame ooorrr a prequel cos I have a good idea for that even though it's strange doing a prequel after you've done the original but hhheeyyy) so any inspiration? Or could you just say if you think a prequel would be a good idea, like it starts in primary school then about her sister getting anorexia then the bad abusive boyfriend in senior school then her sis dying then her changing to be the person she was in the start... (sorry if this makes no sense to you, if you want it to make sense then you can read Fault and Blame if you haven't already? :) :) :))

    Thankkksss xox
    OMG! I just realised that I never fanned you! Doing now...
    Oh, and is there anything of yours you want me to check out?
    Oh no it's fine! :) and since you asked would you mind reading my movella 'Heal Me'? I will read any of yours if you want me to aswell x
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    If you need one, I can be a co-author :)
    FYI, I can write books that are not 1D fanfics perfectly fine :)
    Sorry, my emails get easily lost :)
    I'll go look now... And I apologise so much for whoring, but could you possible take a look at Falling in Love?
  • ECSB♥❀♡


    My Mum is limiting my computer time to 1hr unless it's homework! Arararggh I spend hours on movellas and now I will only spend 1hr. But movellas is educational! It's reading and writing. :'( I will try to get out of it if I'm especially nice to her. xox Luv u my cookie-dough-milkshakes :')
    :( I know!! I will try and talk her out of it. Hopefully she'll listen. xox
    Yeah, hopefully ;) xox
    Literate LiaAmbass..
    What worked for me was saying that what I do is educational because writing is educational isn't it? ;)
    Hey :)
    Do u hav computers at skl?? If so them go on them in lunch time :D
    And pls check out my book Waiting Wanting and Never Forgetting
    :) thanx xxxx
  • ECSB♥❀♡

    Out at sea

    Me and Love2write created this movella yesterday and we would really appreciate more views/likes! So please if you see this, check it out and tell us what you think? and maaybe like/fave/comment :3
    your choice my cookie-dough-milkshakes x
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