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Hey lovelies, I'm Kernisha but I prefer Nisha. I have been writing from a young age.

I consider myself to be a rather insane fifteen year old who is dirty minded and happens to be a bit more mature for her age.

I love to make new friends and I'm always there if anyone needs me, so if you need a helping hand, feel free to message me or comment.

I love to laugh and joke, I've got a great sense of humour, crack joke and you'll hear my obnoxious laughter.

Ed Sheeran is love.

I'm from London, I don't really think my accent is that great though. I have a weakness for sexy band boys, especially those who go by the name of One Direction. (I'm a Narry girl.)

I hope to inspire you and impact you in some way with my stories.

Have a nice day, love you!

Just remember you're beautiful and stay beautiful.

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