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Hi :)
I'm Catelina Tae, I love writing stories or just plain anything. So if you would read one of my stories and want a short story or a character based upon you for one of my stories please leave a comment!
Thanks guy luf chu <3

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    mumbled "Cory Monteith "

    Poor Cory Monteith. I just can't believe that he died. He was a amazing singer and actor. He didn't deserve to go out this way. And people saying that he deserved it, that he brought it on himself for doing drugs leading up to this. Well, why do you think people take drugs most of the time? It's for stress relief mostly and now. . .

    Anyway R.I.P Cory Monteith, you will forever be in our hearts.

    Love always,

    Gleek at heart.
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    mumbled "I hate it when. . ."

    I so hate it when you work really hard on a really good update, and you feel so happy when you get comments but I just really got down recently when someone tried to promote their story in one of my story's comments!

    It is just so rude! Yes, I know that we are all writers but think about this. . .
    What about us? We work really hard to please our readers because we don't want to disappoint them, but then you leave a 'please read *link to story*' it I just can't. . .

    So if you have done that before or am thinking of doing it to me soon, I'm sorry but I'll just delete your comment, because I don't want someone to benefit off my hard work which lands me readers.

    Okay I'm done mumbling, going to try write now
    Luff Chu guys <3
    вe мy clarĸ ĸenт?
    I know right?! Argh, it's so rude.
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    Update soon please! Love it!
    18th century diaries
    18th century diari...
    Inspired of the love story between all relationships throughout Vampire Diaries, specializing in Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson.
    Anna Rex
    5 years ago
    Will do! I expect to continue this writingstyle. But this was an one shot like the following will be. Unless you see some kind of a potential in this, as another kind of a genre?
    Anna Rex
    5 years ago
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    Thank you so much this very helpful! Very easy for people to understand love it <3
    Writing Techniques & Tips
    Writing Techniques...
    Writing techniques are one of the most important aspects for whatever you write. Used correctly, they can make the story more interesting , whether that by by using descriptive words, or adding in punctuation...
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    mumbled "Thanks Guys <3"

    Oh my god thak you guys to all those who became my fans, I'm a bit stuck though so if you have any ideas on your favorite story please send me a comment.

    Luff you <3
    I'm Here For You
    5 years ago
    Please read my latest story! It would mean so much!
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