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  • E.K.Thompson

    mumbled "The one and only half-bloods"

    they held my wrist and no matter how hard I screamed they wouldn't let me go. there was a tall log cabin that they were taking me to. I didn't know were I was or who
    'they' were. all I was doing was looking for some food and I saw a really big strawberry patch, so I wanted to pick some strawberrys. when I walked past these to really tall trees with this ugly golden sweater on it, 'they' asked me who I was then relized I wasn't 'one of them' as they have said. so now im walking into a log cabin for some resond. yeah kinda a werd story right, not even close to weird with what I saw next. there was this gight man-horse in the center of the room. I stood in shock for what seamed like an hour. then he turned around, "Hello" he said.
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