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Hey hoes!

You may recognise my name, yes indeed it is - it's me Weaver! I've made my return from my mayhem. In all honesty I never believed I'd return. A lot has happened and I'm indeed overwhelmed with it all.


"No matter how you start, who you were or what you've done - you have a chance to attempt to put things right."

I've self-published with a few other writers in one book; my work in their includes an excerpt from my novel and a poem. Woop!

Constructive criticism is appreciated very much on my Movellas - so please give me notice of any mistakes, or just what you liked/disliked about my writing. I also give constructive criticism; if you need any just comment below!

Here's my email for inquiries; ehweavermovellas@outlook.com.

Thanks for all your support!

  • E.H Weaver

    mumbled "Inspiration To My Soul"

    2 years agoReply
    Everyone has their inspiration, their muse and their relaxation methods. One of mine happens to be my techno music.
    To be perfect honestly I don't know how my music's relaxing the beat is abnormally powerful when the base drops.
    Here's my soundcloud;
    Give me a follow, listen to my likes and reposts and perhaps even find some relaxation.
    Lily Anna
    2 years ago
    Checked it out. Not my personal choice of music but I can sort of see how it could make someone feel happier or relaxed. :)

  • E.H Weaver

    mumbled "Constructive Criticism - Isolation All Day "

    2 years agoReply
    So I'm isolated in school all day, however I have a computer and Movellas is unblocked - so why not?
    I'm feeling in a helpful and inspirational mood, leave your book link you would like me to give you some constructive criticism/feedback down below. They'll all be done by tonight.
    Nothing is to offend anyone, just simply to help.
    Leave your link below.
    Molly Looby
    2 years ago
    Awesome! Love you, E.H! <3

    Do some fantastic drama coursework! :)
    E.H Weaver
    2 years ago
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    Love you! <3
    I'll try. xD

    This is the first book I published on here... I've never asked anyone to give feedback on it... Ur very lucky!

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