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Name: Dylan Hale
Age: 18, 19 on Tuesday
Looks: Hazelish eyes, Light brown hair with highlights, peachy skin, and long lashes
Family: Riley Johnsom(Daughter), Skylar Hale(Twin), Barbara Baldwin(Foster Mom), Dave Baldwin(Foster Dad)
Boyfriend: Kyle Johnson

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    mumbled "Why do parents make you do chores?? "

    4 years agoReply
    Hi! I'm Aqua Hale and I'm Dylan's little sis. I've always wondered if the reason why people have kids is to make them do their duties(Haha ^.^). Is this true???

    4 years ago
    apparently there is. One cause parents are lazy and don't want to do it themselves, and two, to give children "responsibility" etc etc :P
    4 years ago
    Doing chores isn't fun. But it would be if you're making money doing them. :)
    That's what my parents do. Every chore I complete gets me some amount of money. For example, washing the dishes would be $0.25 per dish. Doing the laundry would be $2. Etc. That way you are helping with the house work, understanding the value of money, and also earning some pocket money for yourself. :)
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