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Oh my God I hate hot guys!

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    Chapter 2 please ;P
    His - H.S
    His - H.S
    WARNING: sexual content, language, drug use, and violence will take place in this book. Nothing could've prepared me for what he would show me. The feeling and my thoughts were surreal, but in front...
  • ForgetToBreath
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    I'm still waiting for more! I don't even care if it's like three words at a time! I just need more! Even if it sounds like a three year old wrote it I've been hanging off this cliff hanger for like 8 months and can't stop reading this I need a second part so bad right now!
    Frerard - New Memories
    Frerard - New Memo...
    Set in the time of the Killjoys: Poison, Ghoul, Kobra and Jet are on the run from BLI after their families are brutally murdered. Their struggle for survival and the growing love between Poison and Ghoul.
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    Title: As Far as We've Come
    Subtitle: Sometime you just gotta smile..
    Genre: Apocalypse (No Zombies)
    Ideas: Somthing to do with a young teenage girl.
    Tenebrous -- A Cover Shop
    Tenebrous -- A Cov...
    so, Greentide Goldlight and I make covers. If you like it, please give credit to the one that made the cover. rules: no fanfictions, ew give credit fill out the form correctly
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    Thanks xP
    4 years ago
    I love it it's so like what I expected thank you!!
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    Title: You Don't Own Me
    Author: Forget2Breathe
    Ideas: A skater girl, Zayn Malik and Bob Bryar (Drummer out of My Chem)
    When I need it: Preferably sooner rather than later but no rush xxx
    Cover Studio *CLOSED*
    Cover Studio *CLOS...
    Here you can get as many free front cover's as you wish, just fill out the form and I will post your cover on a chapter!!
    e.d.e peplow
    4 years ago
    Sorry, I don't do fanfics :-\
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    The Interactive Movella
    The Interactive...
    You are the character in this Movella! You make every descision, and you decide by voting in the comment section below. If you're a fan of the choose your own adventure books, these are pretty much the...
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