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I only wanted to know their names, I didn't know I would fall in love with the whole band.
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    OMG amazing, its so beautiful! asdfghjkl; I can't even explain D;
    Winner! xx Goodluck
    I'll Be The One - Harry Styles
    I'll Be The One...
    This is my entry for 1SHOT41D competition. This is seriously long so, sorry! But it would mean so much if you read it all! People don't realize how much your comments, your likes and your fav's all mean...
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    I know there are A LOT of these comments... But please read mine! Its called "Unforgotten love" You won't regret it!
    Every person that Likes my story (Hearts it) I will become a fan of there profile! Sweet deal right?
    This would mean the WORLD to me. One Direction have done so much from me like bringing me out of depresion and I want to meet them and tank them. OMG I just love them, I would do anything to win! Pleeease read "Unforgotten love" And comment and like! Thankyou so much. xoxoxoxx
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