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wait....um...am I supposed to tell you about myself?

Cause really thats just not going to happen.

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    mumbled "A whole month away from writing:("

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    Last day before no movellas December. Remember to stay strong and protest against all the stupid disgusting 1d fanfics. Keep strong and see you in January!
  • Ducky394
    6 years agoReply
    The concept reminds me of the house of night books. Very good storyline, I would suggest taking your time to update. Don't rush the writing:)
    Elemental: Chosen One
    Elemental: Chosen...
    When Lily's parents send her off to a new boarding school she discovers that the school is for...different kids. By different kids, she means kids who wield powers of elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Light,...
    6 years ago
    Thank You:D
  • Ducky394
    6 years agoReply
    :) this is really good! Love chapter 2.and the stunts in chapter 3:) write more soon! :)
    Codename: Plagiarists
    Codename: Plagiari...
    It's two years since One Direction were removed from their posts as World Leaders, and things are going great. New music has been released by the new artists, all ridiculous laws have been repealed, and...
    6 years ago
    What I really meant was I love chapter 3 and the stunts in chapter 5. Was so engrossed in the story I didn't notice when a new chapter started:P
  • Ducky394
    6 years agoReply
    Love the part that sez 'ill be me if he ends up hating someone else' :D write more soon please:)
    My Name Is –
    My Name Is –
    This was originally for the Valentine's Day competition. The information said to write about love, so I did. My character is 'Love', who stopped believing in itself long ago. Edit: Oh my goodyness!...
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