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IM A HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN. and that boy in the pic is my BFF (BEST FUCKING FRIEND BC BEST FRIEND FOREVER'S TO GIRLY) and my boyfriend. He's honestly the sweetest boy ever once you get to know him. I think I'm in love. My background is me my brother and my was-supposed-to-be step-sister

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    Its normal to feel sadness for a while if anything bad happened. But by the way it sounds you are slightly depressed not extremely, just a little bit. If it gets worse please tell someone in person
    thanks for the advice if it does get any worse, I will tell someone. Does having a lot less sleep mean it's getting worse though? I've only been sleeping for, like 3 hours at night now
    3 months ago
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    That sounds like theres a lot of stress
    i also have no appetite recently, and this is not normal for me. My diary entries have also been getting really dark, and I couldn't sleep for ages last night either. Is it getting worse?
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