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"How come no one heard her when she said, "Maybe I'm better off dead?""
~Sleeping With Sirens
"Throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack. Beat me black and blue, every wound will shape me. Every scar will build my throne."
~Bring me the Horizon
These are some of my favorite lyrics by some of my favorite bands. I also enjoy reading and writing, fantasy mostly, with pieces of action, adventure, and romance!! Even though the romance meter for my life is eternally stuck on zero. Have a nice day, and don't be afraid to say hello now and again :)
"We all make mistakes. It's not you, but this world you should hate! You're as beautiful as you were yesterday."
~Scars, Saywecanfly
My best friend is [@Isabelle Lightwood].
The Korey to my Nova.
Because of her, I'm still here. Because of her, I'm even here (as in on the site). I met her through writing and I connect with her through music.
This is my life! <3
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    Aesthetic Photography and Quotes
    Aesthetic Photogra...
    Here you'll find aesthetic photography (my own work) with a relevant, funny or relatable sentence laid over it. Feel free to save these pictures and use them as you want - just please do not edit my name...

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