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  • dreamsoflondon
    Seriously, is there something wrong with you? WHERE are your morals? It is NOT okay to steal someone else's work and pass it off as your own. That's called stealing, and not only is it pathetic and disrespectful, it's illegal as well. The original author has put so much time and effort into this, you have no idea. I have followed her and this story for a long time, and believe me I have seen the countless times where she has had to stay up writing chapters or start anew because something got deleted. I have seen when she tweets about getting new ideas or posting something new, which was all of HER hard work. You have done absolutely nothing but click a few buttons on your mouse and press post. If you have ANY dignity you'll apologize to cherrycola_x and delete this and ALL your other plagiarized stories. In the future, think about writing your own stories maybe? Or do you not have enough talent or skill for that? We're not going to stop until this is deleted, so go ahead and do the right thing now.
    One Direction - Oblivious.
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    When her brother auditioned for the X Factor 2 years ago, she never imagined how much it would change her life. She met four boys who turned her life upside down. She gained two new brothers in the form...
  • dreamsoflondon
    This is just disgusting. An amazing, hard-working author put her time into writing this story on the original website where it was posted and you just copied it and sold it off as your own. YOU CANNOT DO THAT. I don't know how you were raised if you think it's okay to steal someone else's work. 1DFF is copyrighted, meaning that what you have done is ILLEGAL. You are completely pathetic if you think this is okay. Go and write your own stories and don't punish others if you don't have the talent to. NOW DELTE THIS AND ALL THE OTHER STORIES THAT YOU HAVE PLAGIARIZED, INCLUDING BACK TO DECEMBER.
    Harry Styles - Dark side - Can you love mine?
    Harry Styles - Dar...
    HISTORIEN FOREGÅR I USA! Lux Gallagher er deltager af The X Factor USA. Hun synes alt går godt for hende indtil producerne fortæller en lille nyhed: Alle får sin egen celebrity mentor til the live shows. Lux...
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