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I've been away for a bit, but I'm back now!! While I was away, I won a competition but wasn't able to redeem the prizes. Anyways, I'm going to make my winning story into a novel!!!! I'll post it on here when I finish.

  • Dreamlock
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    Yeah.... I need a cover.

    Title: The Kings
    Quote: Ever wonder what's outside the castle walls?, Curiousity never killed anyone
    Song: stone walls by we the kings
    Actors: Jared Padelaki, Rose Leslie
    How long: 3 minutes
    Book cover:
    Theme: I want this trailer to be cons of sad and flow with the song
    Writer's name: Dreamlock
    Summary: Aileen (rose) is locked in a castle by the evil king (Jared) and is forced to work for the murderous man. She is sentenced to death, but escapes just in time. She has always wanted to know what's outside the castle walls, and her dream comes true when she escapes, but the king is still after her.
    Extra: can it /look\ like its in a castle or a mansion please?
    Due: April 20ish
    Trailer Store.
    Trailer Store.
    Basically all you have to do is fill out the "application" in the first Chapter and I will try my hardest to make you a trailer for the book you're writing.
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