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  • Dream.Chaser
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    There are actually a few things I have to disagree on with Movellas Pros. There have been fake deaths and a lot of drama. It's cooled down but...it's there.
    But I really actually love this idea! Now, I've got a great incite on both websites. XD
    Have you heard of 'After'? by Anna Todd? So good and over a billion reads on Wattpad! If you haven't already, you should.

  • Dream.Chaser
    You're Welcome.........
    3 days ago
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    I enjoy kind of digging deep into authors most recent stories. So...I really enjoyed Sun Kissed and Deaths Creed IV. They're both very descriptive and as far as my four eyes can see(I wear glasses...) they're very thought out. I love them! I'm still reading some of your other stories to be quite honest so I'll get back to you on those. :)
    2 days ago
    @[Dream.Chaser] Awesome! Thanks for this as it's made me smile. :)
    I look forward to your thoughts & opinions on my other stories.
    I also recommend: KNIFE SKIVE C:
    2 days ago
    No problem! And I'll definitely check those out!
  • Dream.Chaser
    I only know some of'em, I'm not gonna cheat lol

    1. So close
    7. Long day
    10. Tragedy
    15. All to
    16. Baby
    18. Big world
    25. Heart Beat
    26. Losing sleep
    27. Crazy
    32. red Dress (My favorite!)
    34. Best people (OMG No this is my favorite! Gonna see her on the eighth of October!)
    36. Bright
    41. Me, Myself, and I
    45. Selfie XD
    48. Me Too
    49. Apologize

    This was actually more fun than I expected! Thanks XD
    Infinite InSAnnity
    YESSSSS!! You are correct!! :)
    ....Except for number 18. :P Close, close, and easily misheard, so I'll give it to ya anyway :).
    ...And number 27. I can't give you that one. It's not close.
    2 weeks ago
    @[Infinite InSAnnity] Eh...I'll live. Thx anyway XD
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