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Hi my name is Dream_1D_5SOS_Love✌��️ and I love writing stories! It's just my way of expressing who I am and along with my music(singing). I do make covers for books so if you ever want one just ask me to make you one! I'll get it done under 20 minutes! It's your choice to ask. Also message me if you ever have questions or any comments to the updating of my stories..

  • Dream_1D_5SOS_Love✌🏻️
    Ok so here is my cover store right here: Post your story name and information on my wall and I will get to your cover ASAP!

    It should take me no longer than 30 minutes to create it:)

    Also when I receive your order I will reply with an 'Ok I will get right to it' then just please be patient for me to create it. If I don't get it done then post on my wall 'I did not get it' and I will discuss with you why.

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