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not stoned just slightly pebbled.

aye what's up my bitches, I'm Andrea aka @lukeftgucci on basically every social media website (twitter is life bro).

Michael Clifford and I were born on the same day so that means there is 1/24th of a chance we were born in the same hour (probably not).

Sometimes I want to kiss Luke Hemmings' face, other times I want to punch his face there is no inbetween.

Niall Horan follows my twitter so you should totally go follow me too so we can be besties 4 lyfe.

I edit Cheshire Chatroom on Wattpad and idk if you know what that is but it's pretty rad so you should check it out k.

I travel, bang drums a lot, and write fictional stories about band members for the fun of it.

this is getting long okay bYe

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