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“Completely bonkers; but all the best people are.”

I like Ducks, quotes, anything to do with Harry Potter i.e a fanfic, quotes, pictures, and etc. I'm a Grammar Nazi and I love to read and write books; it's like my little secret world that no one has a clue about, where I can write and no one will be any wiser. Heh.

  • DrarryFanVan69
    Don't ask me why; my mind has its own decisions and morals, I'd say.
    A Diary of a MadWoman.
    A Diary of a MadWo...
    Hullo there; didn't see you scavenging about in my private life, or well-private safe-keep diary. But oh well, I digress. School is starting now and damn-is it weirder. Friends become foes, teachers...
  • DrarryFanVan69
    Paragraphs. Use them. Other than that-also with the use of capitalisation-it's okay. Brilliant. But could do with a little touch of punctuation, grammar and spelling. Bravo though. *Claps.*
    Harry potter: School boy crush
    Harry potter: Scho...
    WARNING SLASH! BOYXBOY. just so you know. or yeah and DRACO AND HARRY Harry has a silly little crush on Draco, Its not a new crush buts its very annoying. Stops him from doing things properly, What will...
    2 years ago
    Thank you so much. I tend to rush things and I defiantly overlooked some important things, thank you.
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