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Hello, and thanks for looking at my stories! I love comments, and the more people tell me to update, the sooner I'll update. I love people telling me what they think, even if it's constructive criticism. Hey, if you want to help make my work better, be my guest. I don't like hate comments, but there's nothing I can do about them so if you hate my stories I'm sorry.


**Winner of Red Queen competition with Steel Queen**
**Winner of Replica competition with Ascendence**

Gems of Movellas 2- When The World Falls To Darkness

Second entry for the blogging competition

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  • Dragon rider fangirl
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    Okay, so I'm here from the feedback chain.

    This story has a really intriguing plot. It got a little confusing at times, though. The start bit, with Ember's perspective, and later on, got a little confusing. But the plot twist was amazing! I never would have guessed Ember's true identity, and I guess that's why you revealed it that way, but wow. This story is incredibly well written. The characters swear a lot- maybe a little excessively- but that's just my personal opinion. Other than that, I really liked this story. I know I'm supposed to think that Ember is a raging psychopath, but I can't help but like her and feel bad for her. I mean, she has ultimate powers. That would be enough to make anybody snap. I also like the people-have-powers-but-no-destiny kind of thing. I like that- it makes the whole concept feel more real. All in all, great idea, keep up!
    Messed Up Things
    Messed Up Things
    What do you do when you find out that you can do things other people can't do? Simple- you wait. Eventually, someone will show up on your doorstep, tell you that you're the Chosen One, and send you off...
    2 weeks ago
    Thank you so much! :) <3
  • Dragon rider fangirl
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    Okay, I'm here from the feedback chain. Sorry this took me a while. I love this story though! I've always liked the twists on the stories, and this one is really surprising. I didn't fully get the whole girl-being-the-rose thing though. You said the spell rebounded and hit her- and then the lady cast it again. So were there two roses? Or was the other rose unimportant, or what? It was a little vague. Also her sudden change of plans, deciding not to kill him, that also was confusing. But other than that, this is super well written and amazing, and I love it! Good job.
    The Rose
    The Rose
    Belle, trained assassin extraordinaire, has a new mission. Find the Beast, a huge, fierce myth that could probably tear Belle's throat out in two seconds, take all of his secrets, and kill him. Not him-...
    2 weeks ago
    Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated <3
  • Dragon rider fangirl
    Okay, why not, this sounds fun. :)

    Name: Kailetra Mixaxi.
    Age: She's 82, which is teenager for her kind
    Appearance: She's five inches tall, with long black hair, yellow cat pupiled eyes, dark brown skin, deer antlers, and a long tail.
    Magical abilities: She can move incredibly fast
    Talents/skills/hobbies: She’s a skilled weaver, and can also play the flute really well
    Usual attire: She wears dresses, the color of fall leaves.
    Living conditions: She usually can find places to sleep by playing her flute, but she can sleep pretty much anywhere, since she’s small
    Relations: She loves to taunt Adrian, because she can run away before Adrian can hurt her
    Others: She’s a kelpie, which is the child of a goblin and a fairy (if that’s possible) so it makes people suspicious of her, but she’s incredibly friendly and cheerful so she can usually stop being from being suspicious

    Name: Adrian Flame
    Age: She’s eighteen
    Appearance: She has reddish skin, glowing orange eyes, and fire for hair (she’s part fire elemental) She’s also tall and always glows faintly
    Magical abilities: She has fire powers
    Talents/skills/hobbies: Nothing major, except she’s immune to heat (But on the flip side, she’s vulnerable to cold, and it makes her shut down)
    Usual attire: She wears black outfits that are fireproof, to dim her glow
    Living conditions: Orphaned and lives out on the streets, but most people fear her so she doesn’t have many problems
    Relations: She hates Kailetra, who likes to sneak up on her and taunt her, or play tricks on her
    Others: She’s extremely hot tempered, and will snap if somebody even looks at her funny. She hates being called Adrian, so everybody that knows her either called her A or Flame. Except Kailetra, who calls her Adrian just to annoy her.

    Good luck with your story, and I can't wait to see other chapters!
    Avlaria- add your characters
    Avlaria- add your...
    Okay so I just read "Movellas Academy" by Anne Onymous, and I really liked how the author made the story interactive by letting other Movellas users add their own characters. Btw, you should read Movellas...
    3 weeks ago
    Thanks for the characters!
    Dragon rider fangirl
    No problem! :)
  • Dragon rider fangirl
    Ascension**Winner of Replica writing Comp** In the city of Eto, the life of a noble is worth the live of ten commoners. In order to keep the world balanced, each...

    Kind of a fantasy/adventure story...
    I would prefer not to read a fanfiction, or a horror story.
    This sounds like fun! :)
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