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Hello, and thanks for looking at my stories! I love comments, and the more people tell me to update, the sooner I'll update. I love people telling me what they think, even if it's constructive criticism. Hey, if you want to help make my work better, be my guest. I don't like hate comments, but there's nothing I can do about them so if you hate my stories I'm sorry.


**Winner of Red Queen competition with Steel Queen**
**Winner of Replica competition with Ascendence**

Gems of Movellas 2- When The World Falls To Darkness

Second entry for the blogging competition

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  • Dragon rider fangirl
    This says mortals and gods... do you have to use an already existing pantheon of gods, or can you create your own?
    1 months ago
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    I think you could make up your own because it doesn't specify, but I'll tag @[Skye S] just to check. :)
    Dragon rider fangirl
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    Thank you!
    Skye S
    1 months ago
    Yes @[Dragon rider fangirl] you may use an existing pantheon of gods or create your own - both options would work :) Thanks for checking!
  • Dragon rider fangirl
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    PathsWhat is a path? Nothing but a choice made to go in one direction or the other. What happens if you choose the wrong direction? (Last Sentence challenge,...
    I just saw this, I am so sorry!
    But I read it and I am glad you wrote those chapters! They are so gripping......
    Nice work :)
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