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*knock knock*
*open the door*

Hey guys, I am Natalie and I am here to introduce some of my works and publicize yours.

Try mine and send me a message if you want me to check yours and I will do that happily.

Please try mine and so will I yours.

Wanna know about me?

1) I am a sportsgirl
2) I am a girl who loves to read and write.
3) I am an otaku, by the way and can do fan-girling about it for more than a century.
4) I draw. Well everyone can draw but I draw only manga and anime characters.
5) Have a crazy love with movies. I love watching them.
6) I just freaking love music! Music is life. I am here for fangirling about American Authors, All Time Low, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, One Direction (My Zayn went!!!), Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Fall Out Boy and many more.
7) I can happily read all your works if you want me to.
8) Have a freaking crazy love for food. I mean only JUNK FOOD.
9) Have the world's worst voice you would have ever heard but I still sing like a maniac.
10) Sings while showering all the time. Kind of hobby.
11) Have a love with color splashing pictures and a thing for sportsperson.
12) Write the world's worst poems but still sing them to my family for more criticism.
13) World's most carefree child. I don't give a damn about what others think and mostly my characters will be having an impact becuase of that. Well, yeah.
14) Care for the ones I love in a different way. I can't really tell them and do something good in front of them but try my best to earn a smile from them.
15) I love to talk and now I give you the permission to say 'Figures'.

*Waves my hand as a good bye*
*Closes the door*
*Walks to your neighbor's house wishing a hot guy lives there*
*And introduce myself again*

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