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I just want to write stories and let other people enjoy them.

  • Donnie Brasco

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    I just made a movella account two days ago and I feel like this site is pretty cool. I wish I found it sooner. It'd be nice if I could get some story recommendations and if people could check out the very cliche story I just posted on here. And I mainly read romance but if you think there's something else that I really should give a chance, please tell me!
    Le Fox
    1 years ago
    Aw, Hope, thanks. <3

    Some other really good stories that haven't been mentioned yet:

    The Painted Secrets of Carmelita...A WELL KNOWN FACT: Carmelita Hawthorn is hardly popular. A LESSER KNOWN FACT: She's also the one painting people's secrets on the walls of Lower Danford...


    VanityNo one knows what happens to them. Even she doesn't. She doesn't want their soft, warm flesh or their bubbling, ambitious little souls. She just wants...

    - :) <3
    Donnie Brasco
    1 years ago
    @[Lady Alora Wiley], @[Le Fox], @[Evil Teddies], and @[Prodigy] thank you so much!
    1 years ago
    Well I hope you love it XD have a great time reading and writing stories and I try to make my books as kid friendly but some have a lot of romance lol
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