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A secretive person. If you must read my poems

  • DocMartins12

    mumbled "BLOG ,BLOG ,BLOG"

    OK I have started every blog with okay but, that isn't important I feel slightly more comfortable on movellas after a certain some-one commented on my story and brought back good times :) :) :) :) :) Thank-you Darrell for that :) Like my story :)
  • DocMartins12
    I like the story just not you'r writing style miss c****** and it's you'r old bf if your wondering
    First Year
    First Year
    The second episode in the Claire Viola stories. Shes going to Secondary School, and whatever moodieness was cured before (See My Week) has been knocked right back. Not only does she have to brave new people,...
    5 years ago
    Thats probably because you know ME. This is very different for me. Might be making a different story though...........
  • DocMartins12
    So true we need to get rid of this 1-d thing going on, it's quite anoying
    A Plea For Help
    A Plea For Help
    Movellas is going through a dark period at the moment.
  • DocMartins12
    I totally get what your saying. Thanks for lifting my mood slightly :D
    I'm Slowly Going Nuts
    I'm Slowly Going...
    Okay, this is sort of a humor movella (or humour, if you're not American) about me. This is all about why people think I'm crazy. And I guess I am.
    5 years ago
    you're welcome :)
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