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-Ba-da-da-da-da I love Pokémon!
-STUDLY is my middle name ;)
-Eat. Sleep. Play sports.
-Ball is lyfee (Soccer)
-Being 8 is Grrrrrreat!
-BOSS is my middle name;)
-Pokémon lover!

  • DJ and Simonator
    Uhm, needs more. IF YOU haven't written before its good for your first story. Short tho. Kind of a dumb entry. Sorry not so sorry
    New movella
    New movella
    Do you love me ? Or do you love him?
    4 years ago
    Agree to Disagree. ^^I can see where you are coming from. Short story, but @[DJ and Simonator] your stories are short, you have NO chapters. Maybe one had at least 6 chapters, but they are pointless. You guys are 7&8. You can't judge a new writer.
    I think this is a great starting story, all you need is a little more. I like this tho!. Well done! :)
  • DJ and Simonator

    mumbled "Harassment"

    Hello everyone, there has been a misunderstanding. This is DJ and Simonator's sister, and you can find me on here as InkPen. Yes they are 7 and 8. Yes, I do help them out. No, I don't like it when arrogant people comment rude things on their stories. They are short stories that they WANT to share. I know, that in life you will come along a few ups and down, and you will be criticized. I get it. BUT YOU DO NOT CALL THEM GAY. YOU DON'T TELL THEM THAT THEY SUCK OR THAT THEIR STORY SUCKS! YOU DON'T SAY THEY ARE DUMB. MHMMKAY? THAT HITS THEM HARD. I DO NOT APPRECIATE IT!
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