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I am a band nerd at heart, my friends and family mean a lot to me and they always give me ideas for my stories.

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    mumbled "Forgetting"

    So I totally forgot that my English paper on Pit-Bulls was due tomorrow, luckily I wont be at class. But I need to work on it, its gotta be freaking 5 pages, right @[Poison Ace Winchester] ? I forget how long its gotta be now, please help.
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    mumbled "Accident"

    Hey all sorry about not writing more to my story so far, I have been really busy and on Tuesday I got into a car accident, I am fine just shaken up and bruised ribs and hurt neck and head. But I will continue to write here soon.

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    mumbled "New Here"

    So I am new here and I was wondering if people could give me an idea for a name for a story. Its about a girl and she finds out her parents who were dead, actually got kidnapped and are being used for experimentations. She goes on an adventure to try and find her parents but she runs into trouble from the people who took her parents...please I need ideas I am really stuck on the name here
    3 years ago
    Lost? Seize?
    I usually look for one word titles that have something to do with my story.
    3 years ago
    OK that sounds like a great idea. Thank you :)
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