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    Hiya, my names Chloe and I have long blonde hair and bright blue eyes I love to search one direction videos and buy one direction stuff also I like to go shopping with my friends and I like to meet new people and spend time with my pets, I have two dogs: a Staffordshire bull terrier and a Staffordshire bull terrier x whippet , two turtles called darcy and terrace and fish called Samsung and Delilah - they are clown fish. Thanks and I hope you pick me!:)
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    All YOUR fantasies about One Direction!!! This is my first Imagine though.
  • discogiraffe13
    Chloe and Niall please? Xx dirty with a bit of a sweet and caring touch x could you please make it quite long too please? Xx :)
    one direction sex imigages
    one direction sex...
    hey guys comment who you want i think i got hacked my last one got deleted so comment who you want and how like for example: Jillian with Niall really dirty or watching soccer and you get bored but please...
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    Ok and I have longish blonde hair with blue eyes
    I don't really describe what you look like but yes I can make it long and dirty like u want it
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