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    ZAYN AND JENNA PLZZZ although I am a Niall girl......... I really like Zayn fanfics plz let it be Zayn :D Amazayn movella by the wayy its one of my faves
    Like A Love Song *Sequel to February 14, 2013*
    Like A Love Song...
    After what felt like forever, he finally looked up at me. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't see his face in the darkness. The lights beaming behind him made it even harder to tell. I could barely...
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    Hiiii! I am so happy that some people actually read a chapter or two from my book, it's still new and so am I and I don't really have experience! So I want to thank you all and I will try to update soon :D
    Life, Sports and One Direction
    Life, Sports and...
    Skyler (also known as Sky) just started her 12th year. Her parents passed away, she doesn't have a brother or a sister so she lives alone. She isn't boy crazy, she really cares about sports and loves to...
  • DirectionerToTheMax!
    Amazayn!!! You are great writer!!! What happens with Zayn?!?! I NEED to know!!!!! :)) :D
    The Naughty Chances
    The Naughty Chance...
    Kay Greene; A low profiled teenager attending Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. Attending Holmes Chapel's Comprehensive school, was not so average as they had one of the most sickening games. The Naughty...
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