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    Can I Trust You Again?
    Can I Trust You...
    ''not long ago, i lost my parents who meant the world to me.. it was all my fault, before the tragic event.. before i ran away.. Harry.. who i have not seen since he went for the x factor had promised...
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    mumbled "Was I adopted?"

    In the dark streets of London, I saw a chart of kids who were lost.I was reading in case I found a familiar name and I saw one which was me.I thoughtfully thought why didn't my parents tell me about this was I lost or homeless or was I unwanted in my family.Did they loose me? I went crying back home bit stopped in a bar to grab me a drink but in coincidence my wish came true I saw my ex- which was liam.I ran and hugged him tried to kiss him but he stopped me I knew he was dating someone so I left crying more and more . When I arrived home I ran to my room.Drew knew that I discovered about the fact that I was adopted.He knew that this day will come.
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    mumbled "The one that got away."

    On 16 of December was the day of my birthday, my father throwed me a huge surprise party.They brought a huge cake which had a mask on it . I blowed the candels and wished to meet my ex-boyfriend.He made a huge impact on me.Without him I'll not be in the rank I'm right now.He was a singer.He was Liam Payne.I entered the XFactor to sing to do what I was born for.He was the one who standed beside me .My mother passed away 6 years ago when I was 10.My dad was affected by my mothers death because of that my father was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago.It was strong love standing between them.Which I wanted the most with liam.
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