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    Chapter 1
    You we're at home with your best friend Louis. You guys were looking at baby pictures and making fun of each other. "Look at your hair!!!!" You pointed to the picture of Louis and giggled, Louis blushed and laughed. Louis had recently become famous with the boys, harry, niall, liam, and Zayn. You guys didn't get to see each other as much. As i laughed with Louis i heard my phone vibrating, it was your twin sis jada "hey" i said " heyyy how's your little date with Louis??" Jada asked with a giggle, i got up and stepped into the kitchen "oh i wish it was a date!" I sighed, Ive had a crush on Louis since i cant even remember when!! " You should just ask him Ash!!" jada insisted. I peeked at Louis, he is just to cute!! " Im working on it" i said with a laugh, i was really getting nowhere when it came to Louis and i as a couple. "Ok, go get him!" Jada said encouragingly! I laughed and hung up. I walked over to Louis "hey" "hello!!" Louis replied with a chuckle. He was under a blanket on the couch looking through my movie collection. "Let me guess grease?!" I said with a giggle "how'd you know??!" Louis replied. "Buttt before we watch the best movie ever, why don't we go outside? the stars look so beautiful!" Louis insisted "ok sure" i said with a smile. We climbed up to the roof and sat down "Astrid, I've been meaning to tell you something..for a while now" Louis said shyly "what's tht Lou?" I asked turning my head to face him "you know there is something more beautiful than these stars, and she has brown hair and brown eyes she's intelligent, artistic, very very cool. The girl im speaking of is just amazing!" Louis said with a smile. was he talking about me... O.M.G
    "You are the girl" Louis smiled and looked at me, his beautiful blue eyes shined in the night, i couldn't help myself i leaned forward and kissed his lips. i bit my lip, worried if I just messed everything up. Louis kissed me back. it was like electricity, sparks"!!! I leaned in closer and put my hand in Louis' hair we kissed again. we both blushed and laughed, Louis stood up and lifted me up bridal style! I laughed, he looked me in the eyes "we have a movie to see!!" Louis said laughing. Louis sat down and I sat on his lap my legs on the arm of the couch. while we were watching the movie Louis surprisingly kissed my lips "is this real, Louis William Tomlinson missing out on grease!!" I giggled and kissed him back "yes! for you anything!!" Louis said. As i was watching the movie I realized Louis fell asleep, i slowly got off his lap and grabbed my phone, i had jada's number on speed dial... ... ... ... "hello?" you heard jada say "OMG JADA!!" i tried to scream quietly, i didn't want to wake Louis "what what's going on? Is the chicken ok?!!" Jada asked, she had obviously been sleeping, oops! Typical jada always dreaming about chicken or harry! " Yesss but thats not important right now!! Louis asked me out!!" I said excitedly. " OMG! yay!!" jada said "i know!!" "So where is he now?" Jada asked, she was thinking wrong you couldn't help but giggle " he feel asleep on the couch." I said " Ohhh to much physical activities" jada said with a laugh. i laughed " it's a lot of work you know!" jada joked again i giggled "ok jada you keep dreaming about ur harry chicken wing! Goodnight!" I giggled and hung up. Louis was still sound asleep you snuggled up next to him on the couch and feel asleep.
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