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Ummm...I'm awkward(:

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    I love it!! Amazing, and great points also!(: I'm not any competition to any of these fascinating entries for this competition! Best of luck to you and the other competitors :)
    The Death of Books? I Know, I'm Never Seen Without my Kindle
    The Death of Books...
    What are people on about? Teens don't like reading? Books are dying out? This is my response, 797 words for The Huffington Post competition. Enjoy, and I hope you agree. :) Likes and Favs welcome!
    5 years ago
    Thank you! You are very kind, but please do have a little faith with your amazing entry! Definitely some stiff competition! Hehe I just think they should do more competitions like this, so we can really fine tune these different skills. I love it, and also, completely off subject, I see you're a Directioner. I will read your work in a mo, but I think, judging from your entry, that you should try original fiction! Honestly, I just love seeing variety, and you are obviously a very talented writer! Please do something original, for me! 0:)
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    This is amazing!! I'm always catching myself saying "That's spelled wrong" and correcting people. I'm the same way with reading and writing as I am with the violin. I play the violin and have for about 3 years now and I always get frustrated when someone is out of tune or holding their instrument wrong, with reading and writing I get frustrated when I find an error! Great points too! Also, I love that you use, not necessarily big words, but high level words for being fourteen! I love it!!(:
    Teens: lazy and game-obsessed? I don't think so!
    Teens: lazy and...
    This is my entry for the competition. Please like/favourite/comment. I would be very grateful!
    5 years ago
    Aww, thanks! That means a lot! And I play the violin too. :-)
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    I really love this!!(:
    To Cover Up
    To Cover Up
    Carly Jackson is an insecure seventeen year old girl. She doesn't like her hair, body, or her dorky glasses. But when Carly meets stays at her aunts beach house for a month she might meet someone that...
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