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i love One Direction and reading and writing! get me some views and likes and more of my Movellas will be published!!!! thanks xx

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    I read this when I lose hope and rember that if Amelia can do it I can to!! Please Make a sequel
    Meet Me in the Meadow
    Meet Me in the Mea...
    Dreams are like fireflies. You have to catch them in order to see the beauty, but once they stop lighting up, they die. That sums up my life. An eighteen year old girl, who sits alone everyday in the same...
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    Ten likes and maybe I will write another chapter
    Moving On
    Moving On
    3 years ago It has been four months since Ellie's mom got married for the second time, but it was to the worst man in the world, David. Ellie knew David wasn't the one for her mom. David came on loving...
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    mumbled "more viewers and likes!!!!"

    hey peeps!!! get me some more views and likes if you would!!! Please and thank you!! i might write another story if i get more views and likes on my first movella!!
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