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hey there :) thanks for wasting 5 minutes of your life and checking my profile, I highly appreciate that ;)
what do I do on movellas, you ask?
I write complete fictional stories that randomly pop into my mind.
one fact about me?
I don't believe in ends, so I'd rather write 'The Beginning' at the end of my stories (I'm just cool like that :3)
how old am I?
the world may never know. (just kiddin' I'm 13 ;D )
anything else?
nope. :D

P.S my story's still coming soon :D

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    you never fail when it comes to getting me to tears :D I absolutely LOVE your work, you haven't been updating in a while and I hope you do soon :) Darry forever :D xx
    To Be, Or Not To Be?
    To Be, Or Not To...
    Daphni leaving Derek at the alter, spreeing off with Harry to New York, everything seems perfect.. Right? Wrong. After a terrible accident occurs, Daphni gets put into the friend zone, but can she escape...
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    Wow, all i could say is that you're writing skills are really great :) please update soon xx
    The Bus Stop
    The Bus Stop
    I've watched you; It's like I've been there every step of the way but now I want to stop watching and be the one who will spend those moments with you. A book about the compassionate Harry Edward styles...
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    4 years agoReply
    Oh my god, please update!!! Amazing :)
    Remember Me?
    Remember Me?
    After Niall & Cali broke up, will they ever see each other again? Much less get back together? Cali moves on to Sam. Is Niall still heartbroken from their breakup? Read & find out in Remember Me?
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    4 years agoReply
    Gaaah!! This is officially one of your worst cliffhangers ever T-T please update ASAP
    Maribelle is back. She's back again and this time with a new disguise. A new disguise which will leave you all speechless. Heart breaks, rivals, romance and a lot of something we call disguised love. "Who...
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    5 years agoReply
    please update asap!!! it's been ages!
    Niall's Long Secret Sister
    Niall's Long Secre...
    Hi I'm Joesy Horan I'm 21 exactly one year older than my little brother Niall Horan yah know Irish boy from One Direction? Course yah do! anyway when I was born it was all good but after Ni was born our...
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