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  • Direction for life
    AMAZING!!!! I'm just speechless. Your a really good writer
    Isn't she lovely
    Isn't she lovely
    Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her?...
  • Direction for life
    This is just WOW when I was reading it I was blown away! Keep up the good work and update!
    a second beginning
    a second beginning
    zayn malik fanfic. They used to be best friends, Zayn and Abby. But then Zayn left to be on the X-Factor and never said goodbye. What happens when Zayn decides to take a year off from his music to finish...
  • Direction for life
    This is one of my favourites. This should be made into a movie and advertised because that's how good it is.... I'm honestly speechless and can't say anything else. Just AMAZING
    Coincidental Love
    Coincidental Love
    Haley Simms and Abby Miller had always wanted to meet their favorite boy band, One Direction. When they finally got tickets for their upcoming concert in Dallas, they were extremely excited! On the way...
  • Direction for life
    Great book. I couldn't stop smiling when he ask to get married aww this should be shown in the movies
    If Only I Knew (One Direction Not Famous)
    If Only I Knew (On...
    Niall and Cindy have known each other since birth, they were best friends since. Their families were very close. By age 14, Cindy's dad got a once in a life time job offering in Ontario, Canada meaning...
  • Direction for life
    I loved this book. However, you did have a few errors but still a GREAT book. If this was showing at the movies I would love to go!!
    Only You {Book 1 completed}
    Only You {Book 1...
    Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also,...
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