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    Once upon a time there was a girl her name was alia she was living alone with her mom. they decided to leave the country and study in america . The girl wasn't happy to leave her friends but when she saw the school she said ok and she left with her mom. First day of school she was so shy , some girls went to her they were like tell us more about you , she was so happy that they talked to her so she told them everything about her what she didn't know that they weren't a real friends . But she was so kind she trusted them few months later they asked her to go to a party with them and she said let me ask my mom , she asked her mom and she said no u don't these girls sorry baby . She said sure mom but the problem was they told her if u didn't come u wont be our friend its your choice she didn't know what to do so she waited for her mom to fall asleep and she left the house without telling her mom that she's going out with her friends late at night . She thought its a normal party so she wore a jeans and a t-shirt , they laughed at her and gave her a dress to wear . She was so happy it was the first time in her life that she goes to a real party like there was , boys, drinks, and a dj man . when they arrived she was so shy all alone by herself , looking at her friends dancing ,drinking and talking to boys . She didn't want to drink alcohol but they were like damn it , u have to try drinking and losing your self at a party ,you can't just sit and watch us . She said ok lets try , she took 1 shoot they told her u have to take more she said fine give me more, they gave her 5 shoots and even more , she was so high .They were laughing all the time cause they know its her first time to drink and feel high. They asked a guy to take her somewhere and do whatever he wants to do , of course the guy said yes cause she was so so high . He took her to a hotel room and he didi dirty stuff with her and when she fainted , he left her alone . The next day she woke up in the hospital . She couldn't remember what happened ,her mom was so angry . The girls didn't care and they were so happy they wanted to do it again . Trust no one not even your friend .
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