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Hi, I joined this website because I love Harry Potter and reading! I don't write much but I enjoy reading other people's work.

  • Digoa
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    1.honeydukes is not in diagon alley 2. Hermoine would never criticise kreacher 3. Sectumsempra doesn't make your face swell up. Apart from that its good.
    The Hogwarts Newcomers
    The Hogwarts Newco...
    This is for the CROSSOVER COMPETITION! Sorry, did that in capitals because I'm really excited for this competition, even if I don't win. After all, its the taking part that counts and I hope you enjoy...
    Amber Writes™
    5 years ago
    yeah I wrote some of it when I was younger and not such an avid Harry Potter fan, I know all them things now:) thanks anyway
    Amber Writes™
    5 years ago
    In fact, I'll change them things now! Thankyou for pointing it out:)
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