"Even light brings it's shadows" She whispered into thin air. "Even darkness has it's stars."
Greetings stranger!
I decided to delete the whole of my last 'about me' because it was so long and I bet not one person read it all through because not even I could bring myself to the displeasure of doing that. I'll keep it short this time, pinky promise *holds out pinky for you to grab onto with your pinky and... well you know how it goes*
Well; I'm DifferentReader, don't ask for personal info because that's all pretty embarrassing
I'm what you call socially awkward, I'm incredibly confident over the internet but in real life I avoid human communication at all costs.
That's me in my display pic thing, don't laugh I know I'm hideous.
I'm completely against bullying and stuff like it.
I have a tumblr - http://h3lp-im-br0k3n.tumblr.com/
twitter: emilyy_hall
instagram: emily_hall_
I have an obsession with Sherlock and Gossip Girl
Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, McFly, Busted, Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, Bastille
If you want to talk to me dm me on twitter or something, idk
Guys whom I fangirl over are: Josh Hutcherson, Taylor Lautner, anyone from The Vamps, George Shelley, Brooklyn Beckham, David Beckham, Connor Franta and Tom Mann.

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    Follow/Reading Spree

    Hey guys!
    So to make up for my incredibly long absence I will be doing a follow/reading spree. Basically I'm gonna go on everyone/most people who have fanned me and I will read some of their books, if I like it I will fan you back/comment/fave/whatever! Simple!
    I hope this makes up for not being as active as I used to be and I am so thankful you are all still here and have not abandoned me, I love you all!
    Also-a bit of self-promotion-I just published a new short story so go check that out if you want. I will be publishing more soon hopefully.
    Yours always,
    So you're back? That's great!(:
    Yep, I'm back, finally! I've missed writing so much, haha
    Woo! Yeah I haven't written much recently either as I've been so busy, but now that the new competitions have come up, I can write some entries for that(:
    I know you don't normally enter competitions, but are you gonna enter any this time?
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