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"You is smart, you is kind, you is important."
-quote by Viola Davis on The Help
"We're human. We make mistakes."
-quote by William H. Macy on Shameless
"Someone's not someone. And when I figure out who that someone is, someone is in big trouble."
-quote by Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf

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My name is Dezire but family wise people call me Zire for short. I love soccer, it's literally the best sport ever (you can argue all you want, you won't get me to change my mind, I also playXD) and can we just talk about how hot Neymar Jr is? My favorite number is 56, I'm pretty sure I have it in everything lolol. I watch YouTube literally every day (specifically Kian and Jc, David Dobrik, and Logan Paul, etc.). My favorite birds are owls (such a beautiful specimen), my favorite pet is dogs (specifically German shepherds and huskies), and my favorite animal is llamas (yes, I'm a Twaimz person, it's up above). Hit me up on my social media if you want to. k bye

Instagram: @dezire.jean56

Twitter: @Dezire56

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Hello Again (sequel to Crazily into You) -SNEAK PEAK-

Hello Again

Here's a sneak peak of the sequel to 'Crazily into You'. Enjoy!

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  • Zireee

    mumbled "Update"

    1 weeks agoReply

    Hey, guys.

    Sorry it's literally been forever since I've been on here. I don't have a laptop of my own. My dad has two but he has a password on both of them so I can't get on it and I don't like using the Movellas app on my phone. But here is a little update on what's been going on.

    I have a job. It's what I've wanted to: babysitting. I also work out in the mornings so with working out and going to work, I haven't really had to time to write if I even tried.

    BTS has literally ruined me. All I do is watch BTS videos on YouTube and Instagram from fan accounts. They've literally consumed me right now, haha. My bias from the beginning I started to gain interest in them is PARK JIMIN. Now don't get me wrong, I find myself attracted to every single member, but for some reason Jimin just has a place in my heart. Like what even is that photo above of him? He messes with me, I'm telling you.

    Anyway, so far that's what has been going on. I really want to write though, I've had so many ideas. I'll find a way to write soon. Just wait on me. Thank you!

    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    Hehe! You're not alone to be ruin, and Park Jimin also ruin me to make me gain interest. I still like BTS!
    Anne Onymous
    1 weeks ago
    Omg dude same! All summer has been run bts, instagram, twitter, youtube, wasted like 100 dollars on lyh and lyt and wings plus merch. I mean HOW CAN YOU RESIST!!! I have no bias and when people ask me it's always "oh my bias is bts." IM SO HAPPY WE CAN RELATE!!! Chim chim is actually jesus
  • Zireee

    mumbled "Sorry"

    1 months agoReply
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    Right now I haven’t been on Movellas because I don’t have a lap top or a computer to get on. I don’t like the app so I don’t use it plus getting online on a computer is way better than on a phone, that’s how I feel. I’m gonna try to get on because I have had requests on covers that I’m itching to do and I want to update on some of my stories. So just hang on. I’ll find a way and I’ll be on here soon.

    Hope everyone’s summer is going great!

    Book Maker
    1 months ago
    Yes same thing with me right now.
    Hey! How about you close your cover store and do the one that's already request .
    lizzy wills
    1 months ago
    Its ok we missed u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxx
  • Zireee

    mumbled "Cover Anyone?"

    1 months agoReply

    Hey, guys, I'm free right now, so if you're in need of a cover, comment either on here or click my name and comment in my cover store. They're free!

    There's a sample above or you can go to my cover store and look at all the previous covers that I've done!
    1 months ago
    okay, comment in my store on what you want for your cover. If you look at the 'What To Do', there are steps on what to ask me for a cover.
    lizzy wills
    1 months ago
    Ok I really want like a cover with a picture of a girl with a crossed out face in the background and at the bottom of the page are six girl and one hooded figure standing tall over all of them please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Anne Onymous
    1 months ago
    I don't need it but I need it because it has tae on the cover XD
  • Zireee

    mumbled "I miss him..."

    1 months agoReply
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    I miss his laugh.
    I miss his voice.
    I miss his hugs,
    and his stupid jokes.

    I miss the weird stuff he did
    like putting mayonnaise on a
    breakfast sandwich.

    I just really miss him.

    I miss his pranks he would
    pull on me.
    I miss him calling my name...

    I miss how he would laugh
    obnoxiously at the old TV shows
    he grew up watching.

    I miss everything about him.
    - - -
    Love you, Daddy.
    1 months ago
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    You are the strongest person I know. No matter what hardships you encounter, you stay strong and you don't change not matter what is thrown at you. I dont know your father but I promise he will be proud of you! X
    lizzy wills
    1 months ago
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    Yeah he will always be with you , don't forget who you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    sounds like me and my bff/ex I hope your okay though I literally have no clue who this is aimed at sorry if its a death i'll leave.....(I'm really tired and barely know what I'm doing)
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