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Abisha is ma main, and I'm hers. I'm hot n' stuff with asian juice. "That dog looks tasty. ;)" Sometimes, I wonder, why can't we have perfect minds?

  • destinywhut
    5 years agoReply
    Okay, so basically you're making a huge dick move by making fun of other peoples writing and grammar on their fanfic. just because they have an imagination at a young age... You're a cocky bastard. Seriously? I'm 13, and I sure know a hell of a lot to not to be this immature and trash other girls writing and not to make such a stupid ass joke. Oh, and how about not trying to be a smart ass when people comment on your work with freakin' words that most people don't understand? Don't tell me that it's proper English and 'common sense' because frankly, nobody wants to see you take pride in your vocabulary because most don't wanna be cockbastard like you. By the way, I hate all movellas. xxxxxxxxx
    how to write the best 1D fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how to write the...
    omg u guys its liek really easy just followmy steps and u'll get tons of likes and followers cover foto is 1D harry styles hes so sexie omg. This is a parody of 1D fan fictions. Also, if you find...
    Trinity :)
    5 years ago
    If you don't like Movellas no one is forcing you to come on here and I'm sure no one is forcing you to hate one this Movella,plus I bet any money that you have not read every single Movella on here (most are very well written apart from most of the Fanfictions) so how can you hate all Movellas if you have not read them?
    5 years ago
    i'm surprised Jordan hasn't deleted this already. OH WAIT! :D It's because she likes 1D so she can get away with it ;)
    Trinity :)
    5 years ago
    That's so true,it's like the Fanfiction writers get special treatment
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