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  • destiny hicks
    Please update your story is so amazing and touching❤️ continue to wrote as me and many others love this book❤️ please update asap i need to know what happens next��
    Suicide to Heaven.
    Suicide to Heaven.
    I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streaming down from our eyes and landing into puddles below us....
  • destiny hicks
    I love these books stole my heart! ❤️ please do another book , i want to know what happens to ashley is she is still alive? Does she go home? Does she get married? I need to know its killing me :(! Im addicted to these books i have been reading them all night now for at least four hours and i need the next book ! ❤️����
    Stole My Heart Sequel.
    Stole My Heart Seq...
    This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here: http://www.movellas.com/da/book/read/201207240608145932
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