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Hey I would write shit about me but I really dont feel like it. So...My names Dess and im mixed i will show a pic soon but not now. I love rap and pop music.

Ex. 'Chris Miles, Jack and Jack, Kiiara, Sammy Wilk, Dj Rupp ect.'

I am a dancer. I danced 1 time fro W.O.D, i did popping animation.

I have a couple of bestfriends Maddie (a.k.a) My.Sanity

I moved from Houston Tx and have a accent from Boston MA

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    please update!!!!!!
    messages {a.b.c.}
    messages {a.b.c.}
    {Idk if this is red or yellow rating but i'm 13 and don't have red as an option so it's set as yellow. Proceed if you want} blocked number: {image attachment} abby: uh nice dick, who is this?
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    mumbled "Idk what to do???"

    I like someone, This someone likes me back, but he is going out with one of my friends. I want to tell this girl to back off, but I dont want to be rude and come off wrong. This boy is in 2 of my classes and I want him to be mine,but i know that can't happen. Cause he's dating one of my friends.

    What do I do?
    Dess Nickole
    4 days ago
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a hoe. Damn i told every body to top calling her that im not gonna tell them stop now
    Dess Nickole
    4 days ago
    that was a really bitch move
    4 days ago
    idk, im just saying the truth!
  • Dess Nickole
    The Guy with the Grey Eyes
    The Guy with the...
    Isabella, or Bella to friends, is having nightmares again. 10 after her and her family left the town where she was born. 10 years after the last nightmare. She thinks they're harmless little nightmare....
    Tris Everdeen
    3 days ago
    I want to update tomorrow or the next day.
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