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Yes I admit I'm one of those people; I cant ever manage to keep updating a story. Multi-chapered storie are definitely not my thing. I usually write romance, but I've been trying to get move away from that? Except I cant help it because if I dont write romance I write really half-assed things.

But you probably dont care about this.

So, hi. My name's Aanie and I'm 14 and I write stories.

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    Hey Hun,

    some critique? Please use better vocabulary, actually know what a poem is you know what you're talking about? a poem isnt just a bunch of lines. and seriously. its nice and yeah but maybe proofread? but yeah it was cool and yeah
    Poem of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
    Poem of me!!!!!!!!...
    This is a poem about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
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