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Hello friends.
You want to know about me?
I have seen through the eyes of the Devil himself. I have soothed the possessed. I have spoken with the dead. I am all-seeing. I am Echnii Venest.
What if there was more than one Slenderman? What if the word is actually... Slendermen?
DON'T push me.
I will hurt you.
I love Victorian things and gore <3 I mostly write Creepypasta and other assorted horror, but, if you're lucky, I may write a fanfic- but never
Let me make that clear now :D
Gladfully taken by my babe, Derlen.
Fell free to talk to me or leave constructive criticism. I'll be sure to return the favour.

  • dementedViolet
    Wow! That was wonderful. Really well-written and with a dark twist. I like the idea of the song and the swings. Also, the cover is so badass!
    But,t here are some things I would like to point out. You used two of the most well-done ideas in the history of horror, twins, and nursery rhymes. This did not make it stick out from any other ametuer horror I've read. Please try using your own ideas in the future.
    Also, it descended too fast. It needed to be longer, we needed to know more about the boy; why was he there? What was his name? Who was he?
    And, who were the girls? Just a pair randomly sitting on the swing? Ghosts? Something demonic?
    Apart from those things, it was wonderfully executed. Well done!
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    A Boo and a Scream
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