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Greetings! I am the creator of the episodic adventure series known as "Dead on the Horizon." Here you follow a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse trying to escape with their lives. Will they make it out? You'll have to read and find out! This is my tribute to my heroes George A. Romero and Robert Kirkman so please enjoy my sick and twisted fantasies. Thank you!

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    mumbled "Volume 1 of Dead on the Horizon is complete!"

    Do you know what that means? Yes, you can read the whole thing. But obviously that means volume 2 is on its way!
    Dead on the Horizon Volume 1: Surviv...The dead have started to rise from their graves. All across the globe, it's up to a small group of survivors to come together and find each other in order...
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    mumbled "New movella is completed. A short one act play!"

    If you like bumbling filmmakers trying to get their movie done, you'll love my latest movella. It is entitled "Filmmaker Wannabes: Action! (...Please)" Do enjoy.
    Filmmaker Wannabes: Action! (...Plea...Tyler Sebert just wants to make the perfect indie film. Along with his best friend and personal camera man Rich Cornell, anything in his mind is capable....
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    mumbled "My first completed movella: The Props Master! "

    For all of you who enjoy theatre, wild hijinks, swearing, quirky dialogue, and action...look no further than my first ever completed movella "The Props Master." Give it a read! I'm currently working on the sequel and I think you'll all love it.
    The Props MasterSlack is just as his name describes him: a slacker. But when he's handed community service, he decides to go up to a local community theatre and try his...
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    mumbled "Chapter 8: "SAIL" for Volume 1 of Dead on the Horizon is up!"

    Another day, another chapter is up. But I have made some adjustments. Since my series is to long, I've decided to post my Dead on the Horizon movella's in volumes. Every volume in ten chapters sounds good to me. So now we're on chapter eight in the first volume and I must warn my readers: It's REALLY DARK! Enjoy!
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    mumbled "Chapter 7: "Lesson Learned" is up"

    Greetings all! Chapter 7 to my series movella is up. Find out what happens next when Derek and his team run into Olc. Enjoy.
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