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  • Delfien_H
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    Wow this story is great! Please update soon!
    'One Night Stand' ~5sos~
    'One Night Stand'...
    One Night Stand: A sexual action that last only one night. Well it's suppose to but honestly, who follow's the rules?
  • Delfien_H
    3 years agoReply
    I realy love it, please go on with it! It's written very wel and it's a lovely story to read. Please go on with it ��
    Hermione's Seventh Year
    Hermione's Seventh...
    After the war Hermione is going back to Hogwarts without Ron, Harry and Ginny. Will she cope with the memories the castle brings back? And how will she react when an unexpected visitor turns up? Cover...
  • Delfien_H
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    Where can I find the first part of the story?
    Hogwarts is Frozen {continued}
    Hogwarts is Frozen...
    If you want to keep reading "Hogwarts is Frozen" I'm continuing it on this account it's the same storyline just from another account.
    Pizza Queen 2
    3 years ago
    the first part is Hogwarts is Frozen by pizzaqueen that was my old account
  • Delfien_H
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    I prefere slytherin... Can't you change it in your story? I feel like she doesn't belong in gryffindor
    Potter's Secret
    Potter's Secret
    What if Harry had a twin sister? This is all about Minerva Potter's life. But that's not the name she thinks she has. Minerva was adopted by one of the teachers at Hogwarts. Which teacher could it be?
    3 years ago
    Yeah, I think that would be better. I don't know ofcourse if that would fit in your idea of your story, but it didn't fit for me.
  • Delfien_H
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    Wow. This is a wonderfull story! I hope to read more of you...
    Arielle Potter: Book One
    Arielle Potter:...
    Arielle Potter is an unusual girl. Not only is she a witch, she is also the only one to thaw the heart of Severus Snape. Read how Arielle starts a family with the dour Potions Master in this, first, book...
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