• Lia is a panda
    i swear your thank you messages are getting creepy... especially with that smile at the end... are you secretly plotting something against your followers?? I sense it...
    4 days ago
    yeah I'm leading them into a false sense of security before I strike
    nah I'm just generally really thankful for my followers xD
    Lia is a panda
    4 days ago
    noo you're gonna destroy them all
  • Lia is a panda

    mumbled "I had a really good day today"

    It was my friend's birthday and she actually wanted me to hang out with her and we watched 3 films:
    - The Outsiders (bae)
    - The Breakfast Club
    - Dirty Dancing
    It was such a nice day... yay...
    same i read the book and fell in love and then my mom bought me the movie and i watch it all the time
    4 days ago
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    The Outsiders is such a great book/movie!
    Lia is a panda
    4 days ago
    Yeahhh i wanna write a fanfic for the bad boy comp but i dont have any ideas :/
  • Lia is a panda
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    omg "Ode to Carol Ann Duffy" can we just take a moment to applaud this
    also woo for the picture
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