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i could literally eat u

  • Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕
    aww that's quite a sad entry D:
    but I love how you start with the deep stuff and end light-hearted, I love that about this diary! It balances it all out :)
    The Diary of Alice
    The Diary of Alice
    A diary I will try and keep for the next year :3 it's for the diary competition!
  • Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕
    This is such a nice and unique start :D
    Tiny Ink Blots [Diary]
    Tiny Ink Blots [Di...
    When there is a blot on paper, you cannot remove it until you wash it away. When you have some memories, you cannot forget them until your soul gives up. These are my blots of memories on a sheet of paper....
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