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Lethologica: the state of not being able to remember the word that you want.

  • Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕
    I really like the idea of this story :-) However, you do make a lot of grammar errors. In cases like "I'm" where you say "Im" the apostrophe acts as a replacement letter for 'a'. So think of adding the apostrophe as adding an a. "I am"/"I'm." This is the case for a lot of words. :-) Also, we don't need to know how the character looks directly at the beginning -- It would be more professional to subtly place the description throughout the story :-)
    I really like the idea though, good job :3
    Traveling Love
    Traveling Love
    Alice is a teenage girl who is sick. Her brother Jackson has a friend named Alex who comes over the day she happens to be sick. Her brother has her go to bed cause she's about to pass out. She gets up...

  • Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕
    This is an interesting concept! I've found mostly grammatical errors with a few spelling errors and there can be a lack of description sometimes. I really like the idea though! Good job :)
    The Traveler *For the Historical Fiction Competition*
    The Traveler *For...
    *For Historical Fiction Competition* Resources: http://www.civil-war-journeys.org/civil_war_forts.htm http://www.civilwar.org/education/history/civil-war-overview/overview.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American...
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