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    mumbled "creative writing exam"

    went terrible because a) i was in a really stuffy room and b) my invigilator didn't know what she was doing and also made me feel very uncomfortable. I mean, she counted aloud whilst I was trying to concentrate, and got in my personal space! :(
    :( i finished an hour and a half early, no kidding, because i literally just had to get out of there!!
    3 days ago
    what no that's awful invigilators aren't supposed to disturb you and especially not talk!! I'm sure you've done better than you think though ((:
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    3 days ago
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    Name: Unknown but everyone calls her "The Silence" because she hasn't spoken for eight years.
    Backstory: She was born a happy girl with a loving family. After her sister got into some bad situations, eventually being murdered by someone she had 'betrayed', her family broke down. Her father became a drunk, her mother barely took two seconds to notice her, and she went into a state of depression. After leaving home, she stopped speaking because all the people she had loved to speak to were the ones who now didn't care about what she had to say. She goes around, stealthily 'avenging' her sister by murdering the brutes of the town. Her mission is to make sure no one has to go through what her or her sister went through.
    Good or Evil: This is hard tbh... She is kind of good -- in the avenging sister side of things, but sometimes she kills innocent people if they so much as look as her wrong, if she gets into one of her 'paranoid' moods. Mostly good, but you can't really place her.
    Personality: Doesn't speak so no one really knows her personality. Very mysterious. Observes people a lot, judging their actions. If she gets paranoid, she may attack the wrong people or do something wrong, based on her paranoia. Underneath it all, she is really just a justice seeker who makes some mistakes. She's stealthy, quiet, and very good at unexpected attacks.
    Looks: black hair, which droops in front of her eyes a lot of the time; according to rumour, it used to be brown and has faded to black since she hasn't spoken. She has green eyes which can only be seen when she shakes her hair out of her face, but they show real emotion. Her lips might look thinner because she always has them pressed together and hardly ever opens them. She's short, skinny, and often wears black (for more discrete attacks).
    Weapon of choice: usually quite small blades, which are very sharp. Also skilled in combat, in case someone were to knock her blade out of her hand. Her kills are quick and clean.
    Other: Left-handed xD Sometimes people get so distracted by her look of vulnerability that it leaves an open opportunity for her to strike.
    Battle Begin! - Character Creation
    Battle Begin! -...
    Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I'm going to make a fun Movella for you all. You will design me a character. Yes you. Write in the comments what your character is like, through the...
    ♠ Aldrin ♠
    4 days ago
    Awesome! We got 4!

    I'll wait two more and then Battle Begin! ^_^

    - Aldrin
    4 days ago
    Good ta go Lia xD

    Lia is a panda
    4 days ago
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