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I'm a cat-loving vegan, with one-and-a-half cats. Diego is the model in all my pictures. He's won Mr Cat for the past 3 years. [He's 3.]

I don't understand a lot of things in my life; like why I'm here, not there, or why I'm me, not them, but there is one thing I do understand and that is that cats are pretty amazing. Okay, I should probably stop talking about cats now but cats... meow.

I love creating something from nothing: that's what I find so special about writing... You could be looking down at a blank piece of paper and, before you know it, it's filled. That's the magic of the world, right?

I am the younger sibling of two -- my brother only being twelve months and twenty-four days older than me. He's annoying sometimes, but then sometimes he's alright. [Most of the time he's annoying...]

I don't have any career goals for the future. I used to want to be a writer, then a vet nurse, but now I just feel like I don't have to have any career goal. I feel that's too restricting.

I've also got high-functioning autism, or Aspergers syndrome, whatever you prefer - meaning, I'm socially awkward but not too socially awkward to get on with things. This whole explanation is very awkward. I'm dyspraxic too, meaning I have an excuse for my clumsiness and poor posture.

There are two types of people in this world: those who prefer cats and those who prefer dogs. I am one of those who prefers cats, as I have lived with them my whole life and they have shown me love in so many different ways - each cat has a totally different personality yet they all manage to show me love I one way or another. Gromit showed me love through his sleeping and purring on my lap. Wallace showed me love with her licking and cuddliness. Diego shows me love with his finger-sucking and purring and resting on my bed. Smiler shows me love with her marking-me-as-her-territory. I am Smiler's property now. She owns me.

Meow you later :)

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    Paragraphing this might be a good thing as it's a bit daunting for people to read as one big block! This is a really good idea though and I hope you write more :-)
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    They may know my name, but they don't know my story.....
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