• Lia is a panda

    mumbled "BPD Awareness Month"


    It's BPD awareness month. I got tagged to say one thing I like about my looks, one thing I like about my personality, and then tag five others to do the same and post this image as well.

    My looks: my eyes
    My personality: my passion for things I believe in lol

    I tag:
    @[Call Me Satan]
    @[Evan R.J]
    sorry if youve already been tagged i swear 39309382032032 people have been so
    21 hours ago
    XD I am so inspired right now. Just watched Roar's video song and I can't stop singing :p
    Lia is a panda
    18 hours ago
    aw lol
    7 hours ago
    Hmmm it just occurred to me... How can you be a panda? XD
  • Lia is a panda

    mumbled "dont you ever wonder"

    what people actually really think of you?
    Most people compliment other people just to be nice etc. but what do they actually really think? It's so hard to know really unless you're psychic or something aha
    Girl Of Fyre
    5 days ago
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    im not lying about anything i say positively about others here. i am being nice, yeah, but i mean what i say.
    Call Me Satan
    5 days ago
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    this really scares me
    I recently found out a group of friends of mine actually disliked me over something and I was trying to apologise for whatever I did and started crying today
    I can't even help it
    I'm such an overly emotional person it's incredibly annoying
    💖 Tyler Joseph 💖
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    I had another break down at school, I found out who my real friends were.
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