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Hey everyone, I'm Gwendoline Brown. But you can call me Gwen. I'm on this site looking for friends. I have none. Everyone at school hates me. I'm a goth and depressed. I guess thus is the truth. And why people hate me. Everyday the call me names. Fat. Stupid. Dumb. Idiot. Geek. Nerd.
And it hurts. A lot. Sometimes I want to leave it and go away. No one cares about me. Life well sucks! Hopefully guys will accept me for who I am. Cause I'm done with pretending. This is the real me.

Quote that describes me:
I tell people I'm tired
But actually im depressed

I tell people I'll be fine tomorrow
But I know tomorrow will be worse.

I tell lies everyday
And I know I'll not be able to stop it by myself

  • GothGirl1809
    I really like this! Plz update soon
    Alone Again
    Alone Again
    Juliet and Skylar are two 13 year old girls who live in an orphanage. They end up getting adopted together. But they have been sheltered from the real world and don't know of the hardships they will have...
  • GothGirl1809

    mumbled "Hello"

    Hi everyone I'm new here.
    And well I have issues.
    Plz read my bio. I have explained it all.
    Thank you
    And I hope you understand.

    Yours sincerely,
    3 years ago
    Gwen, I'm so sorry. I'll be your friend on here. That quote describes me too! I understand. All the people on here are nice and can help in anyway. Plz ask me if you need anything.

    3 years ago
    Thank you @[E.W. Hemmings]
    3 years ago
    And @[Hermione10]
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