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    mumbled "Wow it's been awhile!"

    I have a 4 day weekend coming up, so i'm going to try and finish up the next 2 chapters. hopefully i'll finish the story by next week. I may or may not make this a series....i haven't decided yet.....it will depend on the feedback i get, so yeah. Sorry for the wait!
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    mumbled "A little bit about us;"

    Okay, so you guys should probably know that this is a profile me and Bri share. Although Bri is never really on enough to update any of her solo stories, I still get on and update when I can. As of right now, I'm only continuing From Betrayal, There is Love. Bri doesn't know if she wants to continue the other stories though. Thanks!~Tiff(: BTW;;;; I have my own account: Snifftiff87 If you're looking for any regular stories (I don't do fanfics on my personal account) I'm in the process of writing one and I have a ideas for a couple too(:
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    February 14, 2013
    February 14, 2013
    *fanfic and diary. 1D not famous* Jenna has been receiving creepy love letters from a secret admirer, and is determined to figure out who is sending them. Will it be who she thinks, or who she would least...
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    Winner Gets All
    Winner Gets All
    Every year, the most popular boys of West Prep School, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, have a little game they like to play. They target a girl, and the first to...
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