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Heyy, I'm Demi but everyone calls me Deems.
I'm from Holland, so English is not my first language. there will be mistakes in my story's, i'm sorry for that. i try to take them out as much as i can. :)
okay, now meeeehhh :D
I'm 15 years old AND I'M A MASSIVE FAN OF ONE DIRECTION!! i really can't live without my five hero's :P My favorite is Niall, because he's soooo cute, and irish and cute and his laugh is like heaven just like his voice. oh did i mention he's cute? No? okey well, HE'S CUTEEEEEH :D just adorable.
i don't really kow what to tell about myself :P
because i suck at that haha :)
if you have questions or if you want me to read your story, just ask. i'm always willing to help :D
okayyy this was allll
Xx Deems :p

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