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I'm proud to say that im one hot potato lol JK JK JK!!! There's this guy...named Dalton...and I love him soo much! I don't even know how I got so lucky to meet a guy like him.
God is #1 in my life.
I love all of my friends no matter what. Even if we end up fighting...i'll always be there.

  • Dalton_is_mine_forever_

    mumbled "Band Concert.....both nervous and excited "

    My last band concert for Winfree is today!!! Nervous because I don;t know if I have a solo or not and excited because My boyfriend is coming!!! Omggg i'm so happy
  • Dalton_is_mine_forever_

    mumbled "Who else is done with school????"

    WOW I fucking got in trouble for HUGGING MY FRIEND!!!!!! That's a bunch of shit. Like it's just a hug why does it matter. A girl and a girl can hug but not a girl and a guy????? Wtf that's not fair!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR HIGH SCHOOL. I hate this school I'm just ready for a change....not much longer till high school.
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    I am in high school and our school is much worse. Apparently it's against the rules to play harmless pranks with/on the other gender. I can't wait to get out of high school :/
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    mumbled "I'm so happy!!!!"

    Valentine's Day wasn't all that great.............but when I got to school I saw my friends and was surprised when I actually got stuff for Valentine's. I thought they were kidding Oml. Juju got me a bear and a box of kit-kats. Ashley got me a rose and I GOT HUGS lol I love hugs. Dalton got me something BUT IDK WHAT IT IS YET!!!! I made little cakes for a lot of my friends, and what I got Dalton is adorable........ at least that's what my friends think. HAPPY LATE VALENTINE'S!!!
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    hannah god you are making me pissed in a funny way ^-^ >-<
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    2 years ago
    you are so silly i love you gurl, as a friend
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