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I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of what's in it..

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    Movellas -
    I think it is a lovely story. Please write some more. I have read you other story about Krissy and I missed your writing. You said in the other story that you would like some feedback? I think your writing is fantastic but maybe you could describe some more? Both what we see like the hallway in the school. And the persons. There looks. Maybe she thought of somebody when she saw him? Something she can relate two.
    And then describe on the inside. More of how she feels. What she thinks of the different things? Maybe about what she felt when she saw the guy? Maybe you can make her relate too the school she went too before? Something like:
    'The hallways looked very much the same as the ones at my old school.'
    Or you could make it like this:
    'We didn't have lockers in my old school. We had a school bag. We had too hold our own bags, we weren't lazy as the Americans.'
    The Canadian Girl
    The Canadian Girl
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    It was a fantastic story! One of the best I have heard! I know rid sounds weird but I actually like the ending! It's not like:
    They lived happily ever after. We will miss them but if only one of them had died we will hate it! At least they died for love!
    Daddy Won't See
    Daddy Won't See
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